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ADAM questionnaire

ADAM questionnaire

The ADAM (Androgen Deficiency in Ageing Males) questionnaire can quickly and easily measure whether your patients are experiencing symptoms related to testosterone deficiency (TD).1

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Question one

Does your patient have a reduced libido?

Question two

Is your patient experiencing a lack of energy?

Question three

Does your patient have a decrease in strength and endurance?

Question four

Has your patient lost height?

Question five

Has your patient noticed less enjoyment of life?

Question six

Is your patient sad and/or grumpy?

Question seven

Have your patient’s erections become less strong?

Question eight

Has your patient noticed a recent deterioration in their ability to play sports?

Question nine

Is your patient falling asleep after dinner?

Question ten

Is your patient’s work performance suffering?

You have completed the ADAM questionnaire

Your patient’s ADAM questionnaire result

Your patient is unlikely to need further testing for testosterone deficiency.

You have completed the ADAM questionnaire

Your patient’s ADAM questionnaire result

Your patient may have testosterone deficiency. Further testing is recommended.

Save your patient’s results

You may want to print out this questionnaire to discuss the results in detail with your patient.


  1. Morley JE, Charlton E, Patrick P, et al. Validation of a Screening Questionnaire for Androgen Deficiency in Aging Males. Metabolism. 2000;49(9):1239–1242.

TES/2022/048. February 2023.

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