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Talking TD with



Low mood, depression and weight gain are just some of the symptoms men experience as a result of testosterone deficiency (TD).. Trust Testogel® to effectively normalise testosterone levels and improve much more than just his libido…1-4

Testogel® is indicated in adults as testosterone replacement therapy for male hypogonadism when testosterone deficiency has been confirmed by clinical features and biochemical tests.3,4

Let’s start the conversation

Let’s start the conversation…

Talking to a patient about TD can be tough. We’re here to help and have everything you may need to get the conversation started. Learn more about TD, screening & diagnosis.

We are in this together…

Help your patients get back on track with Testogel®. Discover all you and your patients need to know about Testogel®.3,4

Change takes time

Change takes time…

Patients may find it hard to hear that their symptoms won’t improve overnight. Understand what improvement for different symptoms of TD should look like and help set realistic expectations with your patients.5,6

TD has such an impact on
a man’s well-being and
quality of life, it’s time to
challenge the notion that
TD is only about erectile

Challenge the TD taboo with us

Challenge the TD
taboo with us

TD can be a difficult topic to broach for both you and your patients. Encouraging your patients to talk to you along their TD journey can make all the difference.6

Support patient self-management with the T Track app

Help your patients to stay on track and feel in control of their Testogel® treatment with the T Track app.

T Track app available for both iOS and Android phones.

Support patient self-management with the T Track app


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