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Why Testogel®?


The recommended dose is two pump actuations of gel, or one sachet, applied once daily at about the same time.1,2

However, the dose can easily be adjusted depending on the clinical or laboratory response in individual patients (not exceeding four pump actuations or 81 mg testosterone per day). The adjustment of posology should be achieved by increments of approximately 1.25 g of gel (one pump or half a sachet).1,2

Daily doseNumber of pump actuationsNumber of sachets
Lowest daily dose1.25 g (20.25 mg testosterone)1 actuation½ sachet
Recommended dose2.5 g (40.5 mg testosterone)2 actuations1 sachet
Maximum dose5.0 g (81 mg testosterone)4 actuations2 sachets

The dose should be titrated based on the pre-dose morning testosterone blood levels.1 Serum testosterone should be monitored at least 2–4 weeks after treatment initiation.3

Steady state blood testosterone levels are usually reached by the second day of treatment with Testogel®.1,2

In order to evaluate the need to adjust the testosterone dosage, blood testosterone levels should be assessed periodically. Blood testosterone levels should be measured in the morning before application of the product, after the steady state is reached.1,2


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TES/2022/046. February 2023.

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