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What is testosterone?

Testosterone is an important hormone that helps to maintain your physical and mental health. It is produced mostly in the testicles, but also by your adrenal glands (organs above the kidneys that produce hormones).

What is testosterone?

How testosterone affects the body.


Role of testosterone in the body

Testosterone has an important role to play in helping you to stay healthy:

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  • Maintains healthy bones
  • Maintains strength and muscle mass
  • Influences fat distribution
  • Promotes red blood cell production
  • Supports collagen production for healthy skin and hair
  • Helps the heart pump effectively to promote blood flow

Sexual function1,2

  • Promotes libido/sex drive
  • Supports erectile function

Emotional and mental health3,4

  • Supports memory and concentration
  • Helps regulate mood/feelings


  • Supports insulin sensitivity (which can be an important factor in type 2 diabetes)


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Reporting of side effects

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